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Relaxing Reservations

Relax - we'll take care of the reservations!

Our Story

Relaxing Reservations, founded in 2012 by Emily Magri, is a boutique travel agency focusing on bringing travel dreams of busy people to reality.  
During a time when travelers are internet savvy, we asked Emily what value add does Relaxing Reservations provide their clients?  
“Relaxing Reservations provides our clients custom itineraries based on THEIR travel dreams using our industry knowledge, connections and resources.  We are the CPA / doctor / lawyer of travel planning - we are your travel expert.  Our clients are VIPs and we handle all the details allowing them to relax through the entire vacation planning process. PLUS, we do all of this while saving our clients time and money.”


3 Easy Steps

Bring your travel dreams to reality in 3 easy steps!  

Prior to departure for your dream vacation, we provide you and your travel companions with a beautiful and user friendly digital itinerary.  

Complimentary Planning Session

Travel Proposal

A custom travel proposal will be prepared for you.*Typically this includes 2 or 3 custom itineraries. We will discuss and modify as needed to be sure to get your Dream Vacation planned.

*Some destinations/travel types require a planning fee. 


The best in the business! Relaxing Reservations help you find the perfect vacation and make everything go smoothly!

Tom Kuhne

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